Treecreds Will See the New Year in at Werribee Park

Treecreds are proud to announce that we have formed an alliance with New Years Day Festival Let Them Eat Cake to assist them in delivering a more environmentally conscious and sustainable event.  The event is now running for its second year at the wonderful Werribee Park.


Treecreds will provide a support role to the Festival with a view to decreasing the overall carbon footprint of the event.  This will include the introduction of a carbon offset car-pass program.  In particular, 10% of all monies collected for car-parking facilities will be donated to Treecreds for investment in the Tasmanian Reddforest avoided deforestation project.   This project is not only important in directly saving bushland but has multiple co-benefits including preserving habitat and biodiversity, such as the endangered Tasmanian devil.


For over 5 years, Treecreds have remained dedicated to saving threatened forests, providing an environmental impact consultancy and selling carbon offsets derived from avoided deforestation projects.  Treecreds strongly believe that preventing deforestation is one of the critical approaches to addressing climate change.  Let Them Eat Cake have chosen to support Treecreds in this mission.


Take a peak at the Let Them Eat Cake site and get in fast before tickets sell out.