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GERES Efficient Stove Project

Flora and Fauna International
Sungai Putri peat forest, West Kalimantan, Indonesia


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Travel calculator
Greenhouse Gas Protocol » Corporate Standard
Carbon offset definition
Carbon Offset Guide Australia
Complete map of world forests - Only 9.7% of remaining world forest are protected…
Indonesian forest map
CO2 absorption rates- how much CO2 trees can mitigate


Carbon Standards and Verification

CCBA standards
Voluntary Carbon Standard
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NGOs/ Forest organisations

Forest Stewardship Council - FSC is an independent, non-governmental, not-for-profit organisation established to promote the responsible management of the world’s forests
Coalition for Rainforest Nations:
Rainforest Concern
PNG Eco-Forestry Forum
Ecology Asia Home Page
Australian Conservation Foundation
Friends of the Earth
The Wilderness Society


Deforestation and Avoided Deforestation

Nature Conservancy- Saving forests to fight climate chang
Carbon trading could save rainforests
Wilderness Society
Merbau's last stand | Greenpeace Australia Pacific
'Gold rush' for wood flooring is destroying endangered habitat
BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | PNG rainforest 'in grave danger'
Indonesia leads call for scheme to save forests - World
Palm Oil driven deforestation
|World Wildlife Fund Climate- “When you change the climate you change everything”


Government and Intergovernmental Agencies

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
Planning for climate change
Global Initiative on Forests and Climate 


Climate Change

The Climate Crisis Coalition
The Climate Institute
350 – Global climate change campaign
Stop Climate
Climate Care
Australian Youth Climate Coalition


Photos/Videos and Other links of interest

WWF- deforestation of peat forests Borneo
Global warming effects on Carteret Island Pt. 1
climate change- UK Government
Fire and Ice: Permafrost Melt Spews Combustible Methane
Polar Ice Update
New Report - Arctic Ice nearly gone in 10 years.
Indonesian deforestation
Biodiesel driven deforestation