Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are TREECREDs?

TREECREDS are carbon credits measured in tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions avoided for trees saved in specified natural forests. Without the projects supported by Treecreds, forests would otherwise be cleared resulting in loss of biodiversity, habitat and livelihood for local communities, as well as contributing to global warming. 


2. How do TREECREDs work?

When you purchase TREECREDS you are purchasing carbon credits in the target forest. Each hectare of forest has been surveyed to estimate the number of trees and amount of carbon stored in those trees. The more TREECREDS sold, the more forest we save. After carbon measurement, verification and management costs are met, TREECREDS revenue goes to local landholders and communities.


3. Where are the trees that my TREECREDs offsets are preserving?

At present offsets purchased online through TREECREDS are from forest carbon credits derived from a forest protection project called 'Minding the Carbon Store'. This project, managed by The Carbon Pool and approved under the Australian Government's Greenhouse Friendly initiative, saved over 12,000 hectares of Queensland forest from clearing and reduced Australa's 2007 greenhouse gas emissions by over 1.28 million tonnes of CO2. It was the first avoided deforestation project globally to be accounted against a national baseline.

Treecreds also supports other project groups in Tasmania (now available), Indonesia and Cambodia and more offsets will be available in 2012.  Go to the Resources page for links to these projects.


4. How do I know TREECREDs works?

TREECREDS carbon offsets are stringently audited and monitored through a number of independent organisations. Minding the Carbon Store is approved under the Australian Government's Greenhouse Friendly scheme and the newer Tasmanian Native Forest Protection Project is approved under the Verified Carbon Standard and may be used for accreditation under the  National Carbon Offset Standard.


5. How long is the tree preserved?

A minimum of 120 years for trees in the Minding the Carbon Store Queensland project. The timeframe for preservation of trees in other projects varies according to contracts with local landholders.


6. What makes TREECREDs different from other offset schemes?

TREECREDS have a deeper value than simply buying a carbon offset. You will be preserving habitat for animals,  preserving the filtering and rain enhancing function of rainforest, and supporting biodiversity and conservation and importantly reducing net emissions.


It is also important to recognise that reduced emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD) or avoided deforestation schemes, unlike treeplanting projects, have an immediate effect by preventing loss of forest which saves large amounts of carbon entering the atmosphere in the immediate future.


7. Why should I buy TREECREDs and what do I get from it?

A core objective of this initiative is to create a direct relationship between offsetters and the people, animals and plants of the forest and to provide tangible fully accountable benefits to all parties.


Climate Change has been caused largely by the industrialised world; the concept of avoided deforestation is a new co-operative relationship with benefits for both the developed and developing world, between the urban and rural communities, and a desperately needed re-evaluation of our most precious and finite resource, the earth and its life support systems.


8. How do I work out how many TREECREDs to purchase to offset my emissions?

This depends on the extent to which you want to offset from your direct and indirect emissions. There are numerous carbon calculators available and TREECREDs also specialise in assisting businesses to measure and assess their carbon footprints. For further information please email us at .


For personal emissions, the average Australian emits approximately 20 tonnes of CO2 or greenhouse gas equivalent each year. Please contact us to discuss measuring and assessing your personal or business emissions.


9. What will my purchase of TREECREDs merchandise offset?

Each TREECREDS T-shirt contains one tonne of embedded carbon and would offset more than 2 weeks of emissions at the national average. A TREECREDS badge will offset 0.2 tonnes.


Contact us to work out how much greenhouse gas your lifestyle, or your business, will generate, and YOU decide how much to offset.