RACV have engaged Treecreds to conduct an onsite energy and water audit of the RACV Energy Breakthrough Event held in Maryborough in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011.


Using the results obtained from the on-site assessment carried out during the event, the event’s carbon footprint has been determined and carbon emissions offset using Treecreds avoided deforestation carbon offsets. The comprehensive reports prepared by Treecreds address all water and energy consumption issues, including a detailed audit of each item of equipment used at the event such as lighting and appliances and take into account other environmental factors such as transport by participants and organisers to and from the event.


The detailed reports include a series of recommendations for reducing energy and water consumption for the following year. The reports also identify the estimated cost of implementing environmental measures and the estimated carbon and energy savings.


Treecreds continue to work with RACV and the Energy Breakthrough Event.