The owners of Izakaya Den opened Nama Nama in June 2012. Being acutely aware of the significant environmental impact of food businesses Nama Nama will focus on delivering premium products and service while taking into account practices that will be environmentally friendly and sustainable.


When you enter Nama Nama, you will be warmly greeted by a feeling of simplicity, no pretence and freshness. The menu is purposefully thought through, with choose-your-own bento combinations in handsomely crafted bamboo boxes, of which, if you become a member, you can take away and return the box for the next use – encouraging re-use and waste management.


In cases where the returnable bamboo box is not possible, customers may elect to go with a throwaway option; this option will cost $1 more. Nama Nama have decided that 20 cents from each throwaway box will go towards the purchase of avoided deforestation carbon offsets, in this case the Minding the Carbon Store project in Queensland.


Nama Nama Is hoping that this initiative may be picked up by like-minded businesses that are conscious of the large amount of waste generated through takeaway food packaging.


In working with Treecreds to promote the need for avoided deforestation, and through encouraging the re-use of bento boxes with its customers, Nama Nama is building a strong approach to sustainable practices. Nama Nama propose to engage Treecreds to audit the business regularly and continue to manage its carbon footprint.