About Treecreds

Climate change through human activity is now scientifically recognized and its devastating effects are increasingly being felt around the planet. Deforestation is responsible for nearly one fifth of greenhouse gas emissions and has resulted in significant loss of biodiversity and degradation of land and water resources.


Treecreds is a support, management, advocacy and promotional agency for avoided deforestation and associated projects around the world.


Treecreds was formed in 2009 and is dedicated to saving threatened forests by providing an environmental impact consultancy and by selling carbon offsets derived from avoided deforestation projects. We choose Reduced Emissions through Deforestation and forest Degratation (REDD) projects because we believe that preventing deforestation is one of the critical approaches to addressing climate change.


Why Treecreds?

Treecreds is one of the few environmental organisations in the world that offers unique capability in the advocacy and sale of carbon offsets derived soley from avoided deforestation projects.


We stand by the preservation of existing forests because of their value in acting as an existing carbon sink.  When these forests are destroyed the inherent carbon is released back into the atmosphere thereby contributing to an increase of greenhouse gas emissions.


Our brand, TREECREDS, can also be a valuable marketing tool to help validate the environmental actions your business has undertaken thus giving you a unique marketing opportunity.  Our brand is intended to represent more than a carbon offset but rather an 'environmental credit' because the projects we support preserve living ecosystems, life forms, habitat and communities.


Who we are

With combined backgrounds in the arts, music, entertainment and environmental sectors, our savvy team provides a creative edge in determining the best way for your business to embark on a sustainability journey and tell your story.




profleRichard Thomas - Treecreds founder.  Richard has been practicing as an environmentalist and ecology-based artist for over 20 years.  Richard has been active in the green movement since campaigning for the anti-whaling movement in the 1980's. His interest and passion as both artist and conservationist relate to the processes, energy flows and complex systems of nature, in particular forests. In 2004 Richard produced a campaign documentary on the Tarkine Wilderness for the Wilderness Society and he has produced and directed various arts and music events such as The Bridge and The Boogie Festival. Richard has also played an integral role in The Big Day Out since its inception.  Concerned about climate change and the deterioration of earth's ecosystems, Richard conceived the idea of Treecreds with other members of the arts and entertainment communities. The objective being to raise awareness at events and within organisations of the importance of reducing environmental impact, and promoting reputable carbon based forest projects that have multiple benefits including fighting climate change and achieving conservation and community outcomes.  Richard also runs an organic soil additive and vermiculture business known as Wormlovers.  Richard continues to actively promote sustainable practices throughout all aspects of his artistic projects and entertainment events.




profleChristopher Coe - Treecreds founder.  Christopher has been working in the fields of interactive media and creative development for over 20 years.  In his role as director of his own business, MediaNet Productions, Christopher has had extensive experience working on large events such as the Big Day Out. Through this work he has gained an understanding of the complexities involved in the production of large events and their importance in terms of social education and environmental impact management.  Christopher's interest in avoided deforestation came about from a desire to do something to promote better forest management and to bring to a halt rampant destruction of world forests.  Christopher is also a successful recording artist.




profleZsolt Reggel -Treecreds founder.  Zsolt's passion for raising the populations’ environmental consciousness is a task made easier given his immense and varied experience. An entrepreneur and humanitarian, one common thread weaves its way through Zsolts’ many projects and that is his ability to connect individuals and foster ultimately productive relationships.  Zsolts’ dedication to environmental sustainability begins at home on his organic farm in the Byron Bay hinterland and extends as far as Papua New Guinea and Indonesia in a continued effort to save the forests of the planet.




profleLea Lewin - General Manager.  Lea completed a Bachelor of Science (Honours) and a Bachelor of Law at Monash University in 1999. After graduating Lea moved to Sydney where she joined a boutique intellectual property firm and trained as a patent and trade marks attorney. Returning to Melbourne Lea took a position in the patent chemical team at a leading commercial law practice.  Over the last couple of years Lea has slowly excised herslf from practising law  and joined the team at Treecreds as General Manager. Being a young and dynamic company, Lea’s role so far has been extremely varied. She has been involved in establishing and implementing in-house procedures, project management, liasing with Treecreds technical advisers as well as business development.  Lea will soon complete a Masters of Environment at Melbourne University and  also works part time for sustainability consultancy, Ecovantage.




profleMark Jackson -  Consultant.  Mark was Australia’s foremost lobbyist and activist for Landcare and reforestation programs in the 1970s and 80s, and the architect of the $AU1.2billion environmental labour market programs introduced by the Australian government in the early 1990s. Following earlier employment as a logger, sawmiller and reforestation contractor, he was Regional Manager with Greening Australia for the New South Wales North Coast for six years until 1996.From 1996 to 1999 he worked at Senior Officer level in the Australian Greenhouse Office and was responsible for the development of the Greenhouse Challenge Vegetation Sinks Workbook. He was also an Expert Reviewer of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Special Report on Landuse, Landuse Change and Forestry published in 2000.  He has been Director of The Carbon Store Pty Ltd since 1999, and was from 2001 until 2008 Managing Director of The Carbon Pool Pty Ltd, a model business based on the storage of atmospheric carbon through sustainable reforestation and avoided deforestation. In this role he delivered Australia’s biggest carbon trading deal up to that time when Rio Tinto Aluminium purchased nearly one million tonnes of carbon credits from the “Minding the Carbon Store” project.  More recently Mark has been consulting for a number of corporate and environmental organizations on policy and practical issues in relation to terrestrial carbon storage. He is acknowledged as a leading edge thinker on policy for implementation of reduced emissions from deforestation and forest degradation in developing nations (REDD), the inclusion of other land uses in so-called REDD+, and sectoral approaches.  Mark assists and advises Treecreds on all technical aspects related to avoided deforestation.




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