A New Carbon Car-Pass and Bag Deposit Program at Rainbow Serpent Festival 2014

For the passed two (2) years, Treecreds has run a voluntary carbon offset car-pass program at the Rainbow Serpent Festival gate. We are proud to announce that last year a total of 407 tonnes of avoided deforestation carbon credits were purchased and retired on behalf of Rainbow patrons.  Using the transport data collected at the gates, we estimate that this amounts to approximately 62% of total transport emissions and therefore a fantastic uptake. 

These encouraging results have meant that we can modify the program this year to incorporate both the carbon offset car pass and bag recycling fee at a decreased cost and with a view to offsetting even more transport emissions. 
So, at this coming Rainbow, $10 will be collected at the gates by Treecreds from incoming cars.  Each car will receive their waste and recycling bags, as well as a carbon car pass sticker to place on the dash.  Each car-pass amounts to ¼ tonnes (250kg) of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions.
This new program incorporating both a recycling bag deposit and carbon offset will be the first of its kind.  It will mean waste management at campsites and accountability for transport emissions taken care of through one friendly face at the Rainbow gate.
The carbon offset program will be supporting the Tasmanian Native Forest Protection Project - involving the protection of large tracts of privately owned land in the Tasmanian Central Highlands. The land in the project area is degraded native forest which has been logged in the past and – in the absence of carbon revenue - would continue to be either selectively logged or cleared for agriculture in the future.