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Deforestation is responsible for nearly a fifth of greenhouse gas emissions, as well as massive loss of biodiversity and degradation of land and water resources. Treecreds ultimate goal is to work with industry partners in combination with a committed client base to help save threatened forests.

A New Carbon Car-Pass and Bag Deposit Program at Rainbow Serpent Festival 2014

Posted: July 21, 2016

For the passed two (2) years, Treecreds has run a voluntary carbon offset car-pass program at the Rainbow Serpent Festival gate. We are proud to announce that last year a total of 407 tonnes of avoided deforestation carbon credits were purchased and retired on behalf of Rainbow patrons.  Using the transport data collected at the gates, we estimate that this amounts to approximately 62% of total transport emissions and therefore a fantastic uptake.    These encouraging results have meant that we can modify the program this year to incorporate both the carbon offset car pass and bag recycling fee at…Read more »

Kids at the Royal Children’s Hospital getting festive with recycled cardboard Christmas trees

Posted: July 21, 2016

Following a request from the Starlight Children’s Foundation Treecreds delivered some recycled cardboard Christmas trees at the Royal Children’s Hospital for the kids to decorate and enjoy.   The Starlight Children’s Foundation has been set up to brighten the lives of seriously ill and hospitalised children and their families in major hospitals around Australia through entertainment and distraction.  As part of the Royal Children’s Hospital program, the Foundation has Starlight Express Rooms where children come and play games and participate in craft activities.   Soon after drop off, the cardboard trees were made a project by the ‘Starlight Captains’ and…Read more »

Treecreds Will See the New Year in at Werribee Park

Posted: July 21, 2016

Treecreds are proud to announce that we have formed an alliance with New Years Day Festival Let Them Eat Cake to assist them in delivering a more environmentally conscious and sustainable event.  The event is now running for its second year at the wonderful Werribee Park.   Treecreds will provide a support role to the Festival with a view to decreasing the overall carbon footprint of the event.  This will include the introduction of a carbon offset car-pass program.  In particular, 10% of all monies collected for car-parking facilities will be donated to Treecreds for investment in the Tasmanian Reddforest…Read more »

Treecreds Kicks Off Season 2 at Sidney Myer Music Bowl

Posted: July 03, 2016
This week Sidney Myer Music Bowl launched its first show for the season and is once again offering ticket purchasers a carbon offset ticket option. Through exclusive ticket supplier...Read more »

World Environment Day – Treecreds, 7 Years of Protecting Forest

Posted: July 03, 2016
World Environment Day, global day for positive environmental action, serves as an appropriate time to highlight Treecred’s important work in protecting threatened forests through carbon funded...Read more »